Training in Grofian Psychedelic Therapy
BMed in association with the Grof® Legacy Training, offer for the first in the world the Training in Psychedelic Therapy based on the teachings of Dr. Stanislav Grof PhD., A 3-year theoretical experiential program that includes remote and face-to-face classes, as well as sessions Experiential therapy in holotropic states. The students of this training will be part of the first generation of psychedelic therapists in Europe.

March 2022- December 2024

Opening of applications:
November 15th, 2021

Price per year:
3,890 euros

English and Spanish

Catalonia, Spain

Who it is for:
Psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, health professionals, or certified therapists.


In this link you can download the complete program:

About the course


I. Grofian Transpersonal Psychology and Psychopathology – ONLINE

This module explains the contribution of Stanislav Grof, rated as: “The most significant in the recent history of deep psychology, and indeed the breakthrough. most important in this whole field, from Freud and Jung”.
Dr. Stanislav Grof has been one of the earliest and recognized pioneers in these areas. Through his decades of clinical and scientific research on the therapeutic use of psychedelics and his groundbreaking understanding of non-ordinary states, based on experiential forms of deep psychotherapy and his exhaustive studies on art, shamanism, myths, and spirituality. .
A new expanded “mapping” of the human psyche has emerged from Stan’s work, adding to the personal unconscious the relevance of the experience of gestation and birth and also introducing us to the transpersonal unconscious. This groundbreaking clinical research has led to a new practical understanding of psychopathology and psychotherapy. Stan’s research led him to co-found the discipline of Transpersonal Psychology, which starts from individual psychology and then includes more advanced states of consciousness, as well as exciting new areas to the deep recesses of the psyche, which make exploration and self-exploration a true “Adventure of Self-discovery”.

II. Psychedelic Therapy: State of the Art – Residential

In this module we will delve into how to establish the ideal Set and Setting for Holotropic Psychedelic Psychotherapy, based on extensive clinical research, transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy and on its clear understanding of holotropic and psychedelic psychodynamics.

We will see what are the ways to prevent and manage different problems and difficulties when they arise. In this way, you will be prepared to prepare and inform informedly the mystery of the inner transformation in holotropic states.

II. Holotropic Body Work – Residential

The process of intensification of tensions and the consequent relaxation tends to move from one part of the body to another, in a way that varies from one person to another in holotropic states. The number of muscular tensions and the intense emotions associated with them decrease with the number of sessions.

Grof® psychedelics and breathwork change the body’s chemistry in such a way that blocked physical and emotional energies associated with different traumatic memories are released and made available to us to be processed and discharged peripherally. This allows the previously repressed content of these memories to emerge into consciousness and can thus be integrated. It is a healing process that we want to promote and support, and not a pathological process that must be repressed, as is normally done in conventional medicine.

In holotropic states the process usually takes us from the psyche to the body. It can facilitate the resolution of unresolved somatic and emotional problems. By working effectively with them, in a short time, we can achieve a fuller and more rooted integration.

This module teaches the practice of bodywork in holotropic transpersonal therapy with expanded states of consciousness, the psychodynamic understandings that guide it, and the precise way in which it is used in Holotropic Therapy applying different techniques, when indicated.

IV. The Adventure of the Holotropic Psychedelic Therapist – ONLINE

Grofian Holotropic Therapy has substantial advantages, both practical and economic. It allows direct access to the roots of emotional and psychosomatic problems in a way that is not possible in verbal therapy.

By deepening and accelerating access to the unconscious and superconscious material, it becomes possible to process and elaborate the physical and emotional traumas that underlie different emotional problems and psychosomatic symptoms. It also allows enough depth to access the transformative power of true spiritual experiences, lived first hand.

We will focus on all relevant aspects of preparing and integrating the psychedelic and holotropic experience.

V. Music and integration – Residential

In Holotropic Breathing and psychedelic therapy, the effect of expanding consciousness is enhanced by the use of evocative music, which fulfills different functions.

Instrumental music and other forms of sound technology – repetitive percussion, vibrations and singing – have been used for centuries, or even millennia, as primary tools in shamanic practice, healing rituals, and rites of passage in many parts of the world. Regardless, many pre-industrial cultures have developed percussion rhythms that, in experiments conducted in Western laboratories, have contrasting effects on the electrical activity of the brain. Discover the art of putting together a great music set for psychedelic sessions.

VI. Spiritual Emergency: Understanding and Treatment of Psychospiritual Crises – ONLINE

Western science has been dominated by monistic materialism, which has no room for spirituality. Modern psychiatry does not have a category that refers to “spiritual experience” or “mystical experience”; All of these experiences are considered manifestations of a serious mental illness or “psychosis.” This is an unfortunate mistake caused by a superficial and inappropriate model of the psyche, used by academic psychiatry. This model does not recognize the perinatal and transpersonal domains as legitimate dimensions of the human psyche and views experiences originating there as products of an unknown pathological process.

Modern consciousness research has shown that, properly understood and supported, spontaneous episodes of holotropic states can be healing, transformative, and even evolutionary, and can serve as an invaluable source of information. This understanding challenges the current paradigm about consciousness, the human psyche, and even the nature of reality.
Stan and Christina Grof coined the term “spiritual emergency” in the 1980s, which refers to episodes of holotropic states of consciousness that are so intense that they interfere with the ability to function properly in everyday life. They describe the triggers for these episodes; the characteristics that differentiate them from psychotic episodes; the most important types and very practical ways to support them that amplify their therapeutic and transformative potential.

VI – Residential Certification Module

In this module we will review, practice and integrate the lessons learned during the training. This module is aimed at those who have completed our training program in Transpersonal Psychology and Grofian Psychedelic Therapy, and allows them to obtain the International Certification as a Psychedelic Therapist by Beckley Med & Grof® Legacy Training.

Our partners
Beckley Med’s training offer articulated courses from three of the world’s leading institutions in psychedelic therapy

Think Tank founded in Great Britain in 1998 by Amanda Feilding, a pioneer in psychedelic research in the field of mental health and on Drug Policy reform.

The world’s leading psychedelic research organisation. Rick Doblin’s MAPS is a global leader in training programmes for psychedelic therapists.

The figure of Stan Grof in the history of psychedelics has reached legendary status. His legacy takes the form of a comprehensive psychedelic psychotherapy training programme.

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