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“Mental health drugs are like driving a car with both the accelerator and the brake pressed at the same time”

The Barcelona-based Andero Lab has received a Leonardo grant of 40,000 euros from Fundación BBVA for its research into the physiology and treatment of traumatic stress. In an interview published by El País, its founder, neuroscientist Raúl Andero Galí, explains what is known today about this pathology and the limitations offered by current psychiatric drugs to treat this and other ailments: “The drugs now available in mental health, for non-neurological psychiatric disorders, are anxiolytics, to treat anxiety, and antidepressants. These drugs target receptors that are expressed almost...

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“Ketamine treatment has given me back the will to live”

Three and a half years of depression, a suicide attempt and a long wandering through psychologists, psychiatrists, hospitals and all kinds of psychotropic drugs. This is the – inevitably incomplete – summary of the long and painful process of Mireia, a 47-year-old woman, until she reached the ketamine treatment that has finally “allowed her to see the light at the end of the tunnel”. Mireia already had a history of depression, an episode at the age of 18, but she was on the verge of succumbing to a depression that began four years ago, as a result of abuse from her...

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«Spiritual emergence is a drastic effort of the psyche to heal itself»

Stanislav Grof is the third great fulcrum of psychology, after Freud and Jung. The Czech-born psychiatrist has more than 60 years of experience with psychedelics, founded Transpersonal Psychology together with Abraham Maslow and developed, together with his late wife Christina, holotropic breathing as a way to reach altered (or “holotropic“, as he prefers to call it) states of consciousness. For some years now, Stan Grof has focused on training a new generation of therapists who receive his legacy through the Grof Legacy Training programme, which BMed brings to Europe with the pioneering...

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