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“Illness is always a misalignment of that which is harmonious in us”

Joel Olivé’s path towards music therapy has been a journey back in time, from electronic music to archaic instruments, which he makes with his own hands. “The archaic instruments affect a more irrational part of the being”, Olivé tells us in this interview on the occasion of the online course ‘Introduction to Psychedelic Music Therapy’, by BMed Global, the training branch of BMed, which will culminate with a retreat with psychiatrist Peter Hess, pioneer of Gong therapy, and his wife Heike, next March in Catalonia. Here you can watch and listen to the full interview: “Music”...

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‘How to Change Your Mind’, the Netflix series that’s set to boost the Psychedelic Renaissance

Last week, Netflix began airing ‘How to Change Your Mind’, the four-episode miniseries about psychedelics based on the book of the same name by Michael Pollan and presented by and starring the writer himself, who over the last five years has become a true champion of the so-called Psychedelic Renaissance. Pollan was already an acclaimed and best-selling author thanks to his books on food and, more generally, on the relationship between human beings and the plant kingdom. As he recounts in ‘How to change your mind’, Pollan had never tried a psychedelic drug until the...

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«Spiritual emergence is a drastic effort of the psyche to heal itself»

Stanislav Grof is the third great fulcrum of psychology, after Freud and Jung. The Czech-born psychiatrist has more than 60 years of experience with psychedelics, founded Transpersonal Psychology together with Abraham Maslow and developed, together with his late wife Christina, holotropic breathing as a way to reach altered (or “holotropic“, as he prefers to call it) states of consciousness. For some years now, Stan Grof has focused on training a new generation of therapists who receive his legacy through the Grof Legacy Training programme, which BMed brings to Europe with the pioneering...

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The New Dawn of Psychedelic Medicine

Las drogas psicodélicas están de vuelta, si es que alguna vez se fueron del todo. La prohibición de los psicodélicos en 1971 supuso un frenazo en las prometedoras investigaciones que se estaban haciendo en psiquiatría en torno al LSD y otras sustancias durante las décadas de los 50 y 60 del siglo pasado. La epidemia de soledad, depresión, duelo y quiebra social que ha provocado la pandemia del coronavirus ha abonado el terreno para que la poderosa herramienta que son los psicodélicos dé un paso al frente. Un planeta devastado y una población abatida necesita nuevas herramientas para afrontar...

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