Presentation of “The New Psychedelic Medicine” by Don Lattin
The Beckley Med Foundation, together with Ediciones La Llave, has just published the Spanish edition of Don Lattin’s book ‘The New Psychedelic Medicine’, a valuable compendium of the cultural, spiritual and scientific revolution taking place around psychoactive substances.

Beckley Med and Ediciones La Llave are pleased to announce the presentation of their first collaboration, as part of a collection of books on psychedelics that begins with the magnificent essay/report ‘The New Psychedelic Medicine’, by Californian journalist Don Lattin.

The presentation will take place at Casa del Libro (Rambla de Catalunya, 37) on 8 October, starting at 7 pm. The event will be attended by the author, Don Lattin, as well as the editor of the Key and coordinator of the Beckley Med Community area, David Barba, and other members of the management team of the foundation: Dr. Josep Maria Fàbregas (Dtor. Beckley Med Foundation), and Dr. Lina Williamson (Harvard Medical School).

Veteran journalist Don Lattin tells the inspiring stories of pioneering neuroscientists, psychotherapists, spiritual guides and ordinary people seeking to lead healthier lives by combining psychedelic drugs, psychotherapy and the wise use of ancient medicinal plants. In pioneering clinical trials, specially trained therapists use ecstasy (MDMA) to help US veterans struggling with the psychological aftermath of war. Other psychiatrists, in government-approved research, offer psilocybin to alcoholics trying to regain sobriety and to cancer patients struggling with the existential anguish of a life-threatening illness. Meanwhile, new imaging technologies have allowed neuroscientists to map the psychedelic brain in real time, deepening our understanding of human consciousness. The essential handbook for understanding and navigating this new territory of consciousness.

Our partners
Beckley Med’s training offer articulated courses from three of the world’s leading institutions in psychedelic therapy

Think Tank founded in Great Britain in 1998 by Amanda Feilding, a pioneer in psychedelic research in the field of mental health and on Drug Policy reform.

The world’s leading psychedelic research organisation. Rick Doblin’s MAPS is a global leader in training programmes for psychedelic therapists.

The figure of Stan Grof in the history of psychedelics has reached legendary status. His legacy takes the form of a comprehensive psychedelic psychotherapy training programme.

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