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Fundación Beckley Med


Based on Beckley Foundation’s (Oxford) trajectory and the expertise of the local team of coordinators, we created Beckley Med, a non-profit organization based in Barcelona, Spain.

In addition to pioneering psychedelic plants/substances research and their beneficial health-related and consciousness development effects, Fundación Beckley Med also offers an International Training Programmes in Psychedelic Therapies & Research, as well as experimental clinical treatments, community programmes, events and publications.

About Beckley Foundation (Oxford)

The Beckley Foundation is a UK-based charity established by Amanda Feilding in 1998 to initiate and conduct pioneering research into the therapeutic potential of psychedelics and their underlying mechanisms of action, and to create a scientific basis for global drug policy reform.

Further research into the therapeutic applications of these promising compounds is essential, while beginning to provide access to these treatments for those in need.

Amanda Feilding and the Beckley Foundation have led the medical and scientific resurgence of psychedelics, and the partnership between the Beckley Foundation (Oxford) and Fundación Beckley Med (Barcelona) is ideally suited to play a leading role on both fronts: advancing research and access.


Amanda Feilding

Vice President and Director of R&D

Founder and Director of the Beckley Foundation (Oxford, since 1998), she has been called the ‘hidden hand’ behind the renaissance of psychedelic science

Josep Maria Fábregas


Medical doctor specialized in psychiatry, with more than 40 years’ experience in the profession and extensive training in different areas of the speciality.

Lina Williamson

Executive Director

DVM PhD (University of Bern, Switzerland). Scientist and serial entrepreneur in multiple areas of the health sector with global experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, translational medicine and academic innovation.

Débora González

Research Coordinator

Degree in Psychology (UAM) and PhD in Pharmacology (UAB, Extraordinary Prize). She has published several articles on the pharmacology of 2C-B,

Pablo Friedlander


Expert in convergences between traditional wisdom and the new ecological paradigms of science. Professionally trained in Ethnobotany and Humanities,

Karina Bertolotto

Training Coordinator

BA in Psychology (Universidad Católica del Uruguay), MA in Humanistic Psychotherapy (Erich Fromm Institute, Barcelona), PhD candidate at Queen Margaret University.

David Barba

Community Coordinator

University lecturer in cultural journalism, writer, editor and programmer of cultural events,

Julia Javkin

Clinical Coordinator

Julia Javkin graduated in Medicine at the U.N.R. (Argentina), finishing her specialisation in psychiatry with a rotation in London. She graduated from the postgraduate course in Acupuncture at the U.N.R. (Argentina).

Iñaki Berazaluce

Communication Coordinator

Journalist with more than 25 years of experience in various print, online and radio media, including El País, Diario Público, 20 Minutos, Huffington Post,

Pere Josa y Alex Fité (Octaedro)

Administrative-Financial Coordinators

Octoedro is an integral consultancy group with multiple professionals supporting mainly labour, accounting and tax issues.

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