Innovating in mental health

After the long lapse of prohibition, researchers are rediscovering the potential of psychedelic medicine for the treatment of diseases of the psyche. At the Fundación Beckley Med, in collaboration with the Beckley Foundation, we are committed to supporting, funding and disseminating findings on medicines such as ayahuasca, psilocybe mushrooms and ketamine.
Types of studies

The Beckley Med Foundation contributes to the development of clinical trials and observational studies with these focus of interest:

  • The safety and efficacy of traditional indigenous medicine with master plants

  • The potential of psychedelic plants on non-pathological aspects of human beings and communities

  • The development of psychotherapeutic protocols as adjuncts to psychedelic pharmacotherapy

  • The evaluation of mechanisms of change in psychedelic therapy

  • Studies focused on the development of psychedelic drugs in populations of clinical interest

How we work
We are a team of statisticians and health professionals who will work with our parent organization, the Beckley Foundation, to design protocols, collect and analyse data, and write of scientific articles. Our research arm will be an extension of the Beckley Foundation Research Programme, but will also conduct independent research led by the Fundacion Beckley Med team.

Clinical Research Ethics Committee

Fundación Beckley Med is supervised by the Institut Jordi Gol i Gurina, which has an accredited clinical research ethics committee in the field of Primary Care.

International collaborations

Given that Spain has a privileged regulatory framework for the use of psychedelic drugs, the Beckley Med Foundation can welcome the initiatives of other international institutions that are unable to carry out the studies they wish because of the legislation in their own countries.

In this way, Beckley Med facilitates the translation of scientific protocols into Spanish and the formal processing by the Ethics Committee of reference, as well as by the Spanish Medicines Agency. It can also facilitate the collection and analysis of data, as well as contribute to the design and writing of relevant scientific publications.

A wide network of partners

Through its partnership with the Beckley Foundation, Fundación Beckley Med will have the opportunity to work with leading international research institutions. Fundación Beckley Med will also collaborate with various local user associations in Spain that facilitate the development of observational studies.

As personal use of substances is not criminalised in Spain, there are currently around 300 associations of cannabis users in Catalonia, as well as various associations of ethnobotanical users or associations of users of all types of drugs focused exclusively on the development of scientific studies.

Collaboration with these types of entities facilitates the execution of exploratory observational studies, avoiding the biases of this type of research design, as the setting, analysis and dosage of the substances can be controlled.

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