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Training in Psychedelic Therapy

A webinar where you will discover our program for the training of Psychedelic Therapists in Grofian Transpersonal Psychology and Holotropic Therapy

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Starting in March 2022, the Beckley Med Foundation with Grof Legacy, will offer the first Training in Psychedelic Therapy, designed by the legendary psychiatrist Stan Grof

Next February 28th, 18:30hrs  we will celebrate a free WEBINAR in which we will explain the training program and answer all your questions

Who is it for?

Experienced psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors and therapists.


The training is divided into three (3) years, is made up of six (6) modules, and responds to a mixed online/face-to-face model, with two experiential modules each year that will take place in Barcelona.

Free Webinar

Grofian Psychedelic Training

This spring in Barcelona begins the training designed by the legendary psychiatrist Stanislav Grof, sign up by filling in the following information: