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Training in Psychedelic Therapy

Learn about our program aimed at psychologists and therapists in a WEBINAR by the legendary  Stan Grof and Amanda Feilding.

Fundación BMed & Grof Legacy

The encounter with the totality

Learn about our training program for psychologists and therapists in a free WEBINAR led by the legendary Stan Grof

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The Webinar will take place on February 28, 2022


It will start at 18:30 (GMT +1)) in Spanish and English.


The event will be broadcast live for our audience privately



Stan Grof

Founder of personal psychology and pioneer in psychedelic therapy, Stan Grof is the creator and inspirer of the Grofian Psychedelic Training program.

Amanda Feilding

Amanda Feilding is a legend in psychedelic activism. She founder of the Beckley Foundation, and co-founder of her 'little sister', the Beckley Med Foundation.

More about the Training

Who is it for?

Psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, health professionals, or certified therapists.



The training is divided into three (3) years, is made up of six (6) modules, and responds to a mixed online/face-to-face model, with two experiential modules each year that will take place in Barcelona.

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